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Adam Neramani (Adam-X) is a Shi'ar and mutant hybrid.


  • Ka'ardum (paternal great-uncle)
  • D'Ken Neramani (father, deceased)
  • Jonath (adoptive father)
  • Lilandra Neramani (paternal aunt, deceased)
  • Cal'syee Neramani (paternal aunt)
  • Sharra Neramani (cousin or paternal half-sister)
  • Heather Cameron (possible cousin)
  • Davis Cameron (possible cousin)
  • White Noise (cousin)
  • Black Light (cousin)

Powers and Abilities[]


Electrokinetic haemopyrokinesis: Adam can send an electric surge through oxygenated blood, which leads to the ignition of the electrolytes present in blood, causing a person to burn from the inside out. To use this power, Adam must first saturate an opponent's blood with oxygen. He usually uses various blades to injure the opponent and cause bleeding, thus oxygenating their blood. Sometimes he will use the trigger word "burn" to activate his power. When employing his power, his eyes glow with a reddish light. The intensity of the burn is variable; he is capable of producing a mere warming sensation or completely incinerating a person within a matter of seconds. He can affect multiple targets at once, the average intensity of which is enough to stun. Doing so, however, takes a tremendous amount of effort, usually leaving Adam in a weakened state.

Enhanced agility: His physical agility is about ten times that of a normal human.

Enhanced reflexes: His reflexes and ability to move are far superior to both human and Shi'ar.

Enhanced strength: He can lift about half a ton.

Enhanced speed: He can cover a few miles in a couple of minutes.

Enhanced eyesight: He can see objects at least a mile away with precise clarity.

Enhanced regeneration


Adam is an exstremely accomplished fighter. He is also skilled at piloting Shi'ar starships. His other abilities include tracking, acrobatics, blade combat, and knife throwing.