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Aleta Ogord (Starhawk) is an Arcturan.


  • Ogord (father)
  • Salaan (mother)
  • Vance Astro (fiance)
  • Stakar Ogord (ex-husband)
  • Tara Ogord (daughter)
  • Sita Ogord (daughter)
  • John Ogord (son)

Powers and Abilities[]

Arcturan physiology: As a member of the alien race native to Arcturus, Aleta possesses natural abilities are are superior to those of humans.

Light solidificationAleta possesses the ability to turn light into a solidified state. She can use this ability to create objects to use as weapons, energy blasts, shields, or flying discs which allow her to fly.

PhasingShe is also able to phase through solid matter by aligning her own molecules in the corresponding pattern of molecules of the object through which she is attempting to pass through.