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Alice Shaw is an evolved human.


  • Mr. Shaw (father, deceased)
  • Angela Petrelli (sister)
  • Arthur Petrelli (brother-in-law, deceased)
  • Nathan Petrelli (nephew, deceased)
  • Peter Petrelli (nephew)
  • Claire Bennet (great-niece, deceased)
  • Simon Petrelli (great-nephew)
  • Monty Petrelli (great-nephew)
  • Nathan Bennet (great-great-nephew)
  • Malina Bennet (great-great-niece)

Powers and Abilities[]


Weather control: Alice has the ability to affect weather conditions for miles around her location and can target specific meteorological effects, such as lightning strikes, in her immediate vicinity. She has stopped rain showers, caused snow to fall in the desert, created violent sandstorms, and created severe thunderstorms. She can aim lightning from her thunderstorms at targets of her choice. Alice's ability seems to manifest unintentionally depending on her mood. Both sandstorms and thunderstorms have formed in response to her feelings of rage and fear. She notes that when she was once angry at her father, a hailstorm demolished his car.

  • Levitation: Alice also has the ability to levitate using the wind, as evidenced when Angela follows her up a flight of stairs and into a large clearing, yet she is no where to be seen.


Lack of social connections and education: Alice has spent the majority of her life alone in the deserts of Arizona amongst the ruins of Coyote Sands. As a young girl, Alice was taken to Coyote Sands with her family. While scared and unable to control her powers, she caused a massive sandstorm that destroyed Coyote Sands and killed everyone present. Alice was the only to survive and, since Angela told her that she would come back for her, stayed there well into her sixties.