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Angela Petrelli (nee Shaw) is an evolved human.


  • Mr. Shaw (father, deceased)
  • Alice Shaw (sister)
  • Arthur Petrelli (husband, deceased)
  • Nathan Petrelli (son, deceased)
  • Peter Petrelli (son)
  • Claire Bennet (granddaughter, deceased)
  • Simon Petrelli (grandson)
  • Monty Petrelli (grandson)
  • Nathan Bennet (great-grandson)
  • Malina Bennet (great-granddaughter)

Powers and Abilities[]


Precognitive dreaming: Angela has the ability to see the future while dreaming. In order to use this ability, Angela's sleep must come naturally without the aid of drugs or other forces. She also claims that her dreams always come true and cannot be changed, though this may be a mistake as Peter has been able to change the outcome of his dreams. While in a dream state, telepaths are able to enter the dreams and interact with her, as shown with Arthur.

Angela's dreams do not always show her the full picture, as seen when she believed that Emma Coolidge was going to murder thousands of innocent people due to one of her dreams. In reality, Emma was being forced to do so by Eric Doyle. In her dream of the H.E.L.E., she foreshaw a third faceless figure helping to save the world but had no idea of who it was or what the figure's purpose was until years later.

  • Dream leaping: She also seems able to appear in other people's dreams, as she used this aspect of her power to wake Sylar and get him to save Peter, even while she was trapped within her own mind.

Telepathic resistance: Angela has shown great resistance to Matt Parkman's telepathic abilities. This may be a result of undergoing the same mental strain before.


Bilingual: Angela is bilingual, being able to speak English and French.