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Aquaria Nautica Neptunia (Namora) is a mutant and Atlantean hybrid.


  • Thakorr (grandfather)
  • Korra (grandmother)
  • Namor McKenzie (cousin)
  • Talan (husband, deceased)
  • Namorita Prentiss (cloned "daughter", deceased)

Powers and Abilities[]


Amphibious physiological adaptation: Aquaria's body is specially developed for underwater conditions, granting her specialized blood circulation to withstand freezing temperatures and highly developed vision to see clearly in murky ocean depths. Her half-Atlantean, half-human physiology means she can survive indefinitely underwater or on land, though she will still need occasional contact with water to survive.

  • Superhuman strength: Like all Atlanteans, Aquaria is superhumanly strong. While she was immersed in water, she is capable of lifting at least 75 tons. Prolonged surface activity can reduce her strength significantly.
  • Enhanced speed: Aquaria can run and move at speeds greater than even the finest human athlete. Her speed is greatest, however, while swimming.
  • Extended longevity: Atlanteans age much slower and live much longer than human beings with the average Atlantean lifespan being about 120 years.
  • Amphibious breathing: Like all Atlanteans, Aquaria can breathe indefinitely underwater due to having gills located behind her ears. Unlike most Atlanteans, however, Aquaria can also breathe on land indefinitely as well as without the aid of breathing devices.

Superhuman stamina: Aquaria's advanced musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of normal humans and most other Atlanteans. Her stamina, much like her strength, steadily declines the longer she is out of contact with water and will diminish to the point where she only has slightly greater stamina than the finest human athlete.

Superhuman agility: Aquaria's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

Superhuman reflexes: Her reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.

Superhuman durability: The tissues of Aquaria's body are harder and more resistant to physical injury than those of normal human beings and most other Atlanteans. She can withstand tremendous impact forces, high caliber bullets, falls from great heights, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury, though it is possible to injure her.

Aquatic healing: If injured, Aquaria's body can heal damaged tissue faster and more extensively than an ordinary human or Atlantean. Her accelerated healing is at its peak while she is immersed in water and diminishes the longer she is out of contact with water or if she is completely dry.

Flight: Aquaria also possesses vestigial wings on both of her ankles which she seems to be able to fly with. As these tiny wings are insufficient to keep her aloft, it has been theorized that her flight capacity is a mental power akin to telekinesis and the wings merely assist her in "steering" her flight.

Acute hearing: Aquaria has sensitive hearing.


Aquaria is trained in Atlantean combat methods and is fluent in English, Atlantean, and Lemurian.


Like all Atlanteans, toxic waste causes her problems.