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Daphne Millbrook is an evolved human.

Powers and Abilities[]


Super speed: Daphne has the ability to move at superhuman speed. She uses her ability to steal things, such as food and valuable items. It is currently unknown if Daphne is actually capable of running far past the speed of sound. When amplified by Ando Masahashi's ability, Daphne was capable of running faster than the speed of light, allowing her to time travel. Daphne is apparently immune to potentially harmful side-effects of moving at super speed, such as damage from air friction. She suffers no joint or muscle damage from her high-speed movements, and she apparently feels little or no fatigue even after running intercontinental distances at super speed.

Daphne's ability also allows her to move at normal speed when time is drastically slowed, as was demonstrated in her first encounter with Hiro Nakamura. Though she was initially frozen in time when exposed to his ability while running, she was able to "catch up" to it and move normally, even while everyone else was frozen. However, while not moving at super speed, she isn't immune to Hiro's ability.


Thievery: Daphne is a highly skilled thief, partially due to her ability.


Cerebral palsy: She has cerebral palsy, which would normally require her to walk with crutches. Her ability, however, somehow negates the symptoms.

Slowed time: Daphne has stated that seconds feel like hours for her, making time move particularly slowly for her.