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David Charles Haller (Legion) is a mutant.


  • Charles Graymalkin (collateral ancestor, deceased)
  • Marcia Graymalkin (collateral ancestor, deceased)
  • Jonas Graymalkin (collateral ancestor)
  • Brian Xavier (paternal grandfather, deceased)
  • Sharon Xavier (paternal grandmother, deceased)
  • Kurt Marko (paternal step-grandfather, deceased)
  • Charles Xavier (father, deceased)
  • Gabrielle Haller (mother)
  • Daniel Shomron (step-father, deceased)
  • Cassandra Xavier (paternal aunt)
  • Cain Marko (paternal step-uncle)

Powers and Abilities[]


Spontaneous mutation creation: David is an Omega-level mutant with the ability to create spontaneous mutations with varying attributes. Due to either his immense powers, mental instability, or a combination of the two, David creates a new persona to govern each of the new mutations. David's known personalities include:

Number Personality Description Power(s)
002 Jemail Karami A terrorist leader who once tried to restructure David's fractured personality in his own image. Jemail was once a real man who died near David and, thereby, became the first psyche David absorbed. Telepathy: Jemail, while originally a normal human, gained the power of telepathy upon becoming one of David's multiple personalities.
003 Jack Wayne A swaggering adult roustabout adventurer who was killed by Magik during her attempt to rescue Karma. Telekinesis
004 Cyndi A temperamental and rebellious girl who has a crush on Cypher Pyrokinesis
005 The Legion He is self-described as the "real me" and, by Magik, as a "God-Mutant". He created the Age of Apocalypse and eliminated the Elder Gods.

Reality warping


067 Sally She is an obese and lonely woman.

Size manipulation: Sally possesses the ability to expand her mass, allowing her to develop increased body and muscle size, making her immovable.

  • Superhuman strength: Due to the increase in muscle size, Sally is able to lift up to at least twenty-five tons.
  • Superhuman durability: The expansion of her mass makes Sally's body more durable, enabling her to withstand large blunt force impacts and bullets.
115 She is a British punk rocker. Acoustic-aggressive: 115 is able to create powerful sonic beams from her hands which are powerful enough to blow up a Nimrod. The Nimrods' adaptation was emitting white noise, making her powers useless.
181 Little is known about this persona. Size enhancement: This personality can grow to superhumanly large sizes.
186 Johnny Gomorrah Transmutation into salt: Using his powers, David was able to turn a mannequin into a salt statue.
227 Time-Sink One of the sub-personalities who escaped from David's consciousness after the Age of X. He was apprehended and reabsorbed by David with help from the X-Men.

Chronokinesis: Time-Sink is able to manipulate the time stream.

  • Chronal manipulation: He is shown to be capable of slowing down time for people or on specific geographic areas, such as on Paris.
  • Chrono-skimming: He can temporarily transplant a person's mind through time into his past self. Gambit was a victim of this power, experiencing multiple violent defeats and his life's hard times.
  • Time travel portal generation: He proved to be able to transport attacks into the past or future through portals.
  • Chronal self-awareness: He has shown tno be aware about his future, as he redirected on Magneto an attack which came through the fourth dimension from Gambit occurring a few minutes into the future.

Psi-shield: Time-Sink and the other five sub-personalities who escaped from David's mind are somehow protected from psi-scanning. It was stated that this shielding was coming from their specific nature, as they aren't living beings in the conventional sense.

302 Little is known about this persona. Supersonic speed and reflexes: 302 is able to create bursts of supersonic speed that trigger sonic booms as he strikes his targets with rapid punches.
666 Styx He was the ring leader of the sub-personalities to escape from David's consciousness after the Age of X. After parting ways, Styx set his headquarters in the catacombs beneath Paris. To lure David to him, Styx kidnapped Professor X but left a lily (his calling card) and coordinates to locate him.

Soul absorption: Styx can absorb the spiritual essence of living beings on contact, enslaving their souls and leaving their bodies conscious yet subject to his every command. The souls are stored in an unknown Limbo.

Telepathy: Styx is an able-bodied psychic of impressive power, even able to somehow supplant a consciousness as powerful as Charles Xavier without his noticing.

  • Telepathic connection: Styx can use one of his mind slaves as a channel to a being's thoughts, connecting to them and listening to what the target who is not connected is saying. The breaking of the connection can shut down the channel body.

Insect control: He has the ability to command and control vast armies of flies.

Illusions: Styx is able to generate realistic illusions. The nature of these illusions is unknown as Magneto wasn't immune while wearing his helmet.

Psi-shield: Styx and the five other sub-personalities who escaped from David's consciousness are somehow protected from psi-scanning. It was stated that this shielding came from their specific nature, as they aren't living beings in the conventional sense.

749 Little is known about this persona. Electrical discharge
762 A pirate Corrosive acid emission: 762 is able to vomit a corrosive acid strong enough to tear apart a Nimrod. It takes the form of a green mist.
898 A centaur Centaur physiology
933 Little is known about this persona. Pyrokinesis: This personality can emit a blue, gaseous flame at high-impact speeds.
1012 Delphic She is a blue-skinned seer who is willing to answer three questions to supplicants.

Omniscience: Delphic is granted with the gift of omniscience. It was stated that there was nothing she doesn't know. She answers three questions truthfully to her interlocutors. It is unknown if she will be able to answer again and what the frequency and rules applying to the right to ask questions.

Electrical discharge: She also seemingly has electricity coming from her body.

Absence An alien/demon-like creature who claims to have traveled through realities and stars.

Heat and love siphoning

Bleeding Image A living voodoo doll who blew himself up with a bomb and nearly killed Rogue in the process. One of the sub-personalities to escape from David's consciousness after the Age of X.

Empathic pain transfer: Bleeding Image's powers are based on the voodoo doll principle: he wounds himself but seemingly all of the pain is transmitted to his designated victim, shocking its nervous system.

Psi-shield: Bleeding Image and the other five sub-personalities who escaped from David's consciousness are somehow protected from psi-scanning and even Charles Xavier was unable to perform a psi-contact on an unconscious Time-Sink. It was stated that this shielding was coming from their specific nature, as they aren't living beings in the conventional sense.

Gestalt Not a true split personality but an avatar of which David created for himself within his own mindscape. David uses this form of assimilate with his other missing personalities and utilize their powers, as well as repairing a great deal of the psychological damage he has suffered from most of his life. Gestalt possesses the powers of several other of David's personalities, including Tyrannix, Mycolojester, Delusionaut, Protozoan Porter, and possibly the Origamist.
Chain One of the sub-personalities to escape from David's consciousness after the Age of X. He was found taking over London with Susan in Sunshine but was stopped by the X-Men. Viral self-duplication: Chain spreads himself by touching other people. Those people become exact replicas of him, granted with a weapon. The only differences are the number written on their collar and their weapons. Those duplicates are independent in thoughts and actions but all fight in coordination for the interests of the original Chain. This effect is reversible.
The Fiend He was created from the psionic trauma caused by David's father's death. Originally, the Fiend took the shape of a small, gold, glowing, goblin-like creature who's first act was to kill and devour another personality to gain its powers. After that, it spent most of its time stalking David inside of his mind but made no move against him. When Blindfold entered David's mind and restrained him, the Fiend got angry and attacked her, telling her to get out. This was the first time David's glimpsed this persona. Later, while chasing Luca Aldine in the Jean Grey School, David almost killed another student but was stopped by this persona who took control and told Luca that he will be useful one day. As David was leaving the school grounds, the Fiend told him about his future where he will eradicate mutantkind and Blindfold is destined to try to kill him to prevent him.

Precognition: He has the power to accurately predict future events and all of its tangent possibilities.

Post-mortem power absorption: Over the time he was trapped in David's psyche, the Fiend took to strengthening himself by killing other personas within the mental complex, gaining their abilities in response.

  • Ionic scalpels
  • Super-positional firebombs
  • Tesla songs
  • Neutronic time crystals

Psychic possession: Being a mental entity, the Fiend has no corporeal being which is bogged down by the rules of physicality. He can reach out and possess other minds and bodies at will, as he intended to do with the Red Skull as well as doing so with the disembodied Luca Aldine.

Chronodon This persona is a large dinosaur with a clock for a face. David attempted unsuccessfully to capture him and use his powers to break free from the Yamaugichi-Kai Clan. Time manipulation (presumably)
The Weaver A large arachnid-like creature whose massive limbs are connected to a main body wreathed in bright light. Arguably, this is the most powerful personality within David's shattered psyche and one of the only other personas he can neither coax into his service nor assimilate with. At the end of his run, David tried one last time to bond with him, only to find out the Weaver was his own reflection.

Arachnid physiology: The Weaver has the appearance of a giant spider.

The Weaver's mutant power is never clarified, but the name indicates an ability to rewrite fate or reality. It is generally spoken of as being quite formidable by David's reckoning and, unlike other persona, has shown the capacity to actively reject David's control when he tried to pierce it with his control gloves.

The Clown He is a surly-looking clown who was killed by Magik during her attempt to rescue Karma. Acoustikinesis: The Clown can create powerful sonic waves with his voice which can achieve various effects, often with the assistance of psionic abilities which function only in unison with his sonic abilities.
Compass Rose Telepathic teleportation: Compass Rose possesses the power to locate individuals and teleport to them. The transportation is kind of brutal. For an unknown reason, only Rogue, the wielder of the power, was transported right to the point looked for. Her passengers were expelled at another destination close by.
Drexel A foul-mouthed, simpleton who was killed by Magik during her attempt to rescue Karma. Superhuman strength and durability
Endgame One of the sub-personalities to escape from David's mind after the Age of X.

Adaptable armor: It is currently unknown if Endgame wears an armor or if he is the armor. It is also unknown if the adaptations of this armor are controlled by his mutant power or if they're technologically-based. He has shown the following adaptations:

Psi-shield: Endgame and the five other sub-personalities who escaped from David's mind are somehow protected from psi-scanning. It was stated that this shielding comes from their specific nature, as they aren't living beings in the conventional sense.

Findle the Finder A goblin-like creature Universal tracking: Findle's powers seemingly allow him to locate whatever he is looking for up to at least light years away.
Hugh Davidson A stereotypical prepster Prehensile tongue
Hypnobloke A strange gentleman with flashing swirls for eyes in a top hat and carrying a pocket watch. Hypnosis: Unlike many of his other powers, Hypnobloke's abilities seem closer to real hypnosis, realying on eye contact and repetitive suggestions in order to overcome his target. There does seem to be some basis for the power, particularly in the eyes being used to enamour the target into easily falling under Hypnobloke's suggestion.
Kirbax the Kraklar A demonic creature who took control over David's body when he lost control of his powers. Kirbax flew David from the Indian Himalays to China until another sub-personality took over. Flight: Kirbax has the ability to fly. His body is constantly wreathed in arches of yellow energy but whether he can use this energy for combat was not shown before he lost control of David's body.
Ksenia Nadejda Panov A Moscow heiress, discus champion, exporter of caviar, and torturer of puppies who briefly gained control of David's body but was restrained by Merzah long enough to allow David to reclaim his body. She was later killed by another sub-personality. Ionic energy scalpels: Ksenia can create ionic blades from her fingertips. They were easily capable of slicing off Tyrannix's tentacle but the full scope of this ability is unknown.
K-Zek the Conduit He appears to be an android. Wireless energy transfer: K-Zek can take energy-based attacks and direct them back to their source without the need for contact or a means of conduction between him and his target.
Marci Sabol A little girl and the first person to meet David after his return. She helped him but was killed by a sub-personality. Marci then became trapped within David's mind. Marci's parents were later killed by another one of David's personalities. None
Max Kelvin A crotchety old man who's eyes protrude with the use of his powers. David managed to defeat Max in his mind and used his power to break free from the Yamaugichi-Kai Clan. Plasma generation: Described rather vividly by David, Max seems to possess the ability to erupt with a flaming orange plasma which can be used to burn things. When used by David, his hair turns into flames.
Moira/X A persona created to protect David's mind from Doctor Nemesis' meddling. She single-handedly created the Age of X where David would be seen as a hero and placed herself as the "mother" of David.

She is a psychic entnity created as an "antibody" to protect David's mind. She possesses a frightful psychic form and immense power.

Reality creation: Moira can control reality, creating her own false world and manipulating the memories of its inhabitants. Whilst in her own realm, she can freely control resident entities and is virtually immune to damage, as proven when she took a blast from Gambit and shrugged it off. Declaring herself a god, the exact limitations of this power are unclear but do not seem to extend to influencing the decisions of entities not natural to her created world and seems to lack a certain expanse of imagination, the environment only extending four square miles and details of created entities were repeated.

Mycolojester A plant-like entity with the attire of a jester. Toxic spores: Mycolojester is constantly surrounded by a cloud of toxic spores. While they will seemingly affect anyone who gets close enough, water causes the spores to dissolve along with their user.
Non-Newtonian Annie A skinny, purple woman dressed in pink clothes. Zero-Tau nullskin: Annie, as her name entails, does not conform to the law of conservation of energy. In this case, when hit by Frenzy, David remained unaffected while Frenzy was thrown backward by the force of her own punch.
The Origamist A sumo wrestler who is one of the most powerful sub-personalities in David's mind. during the jailbreak inside David's mind, he attempted to overpower the Origamist but failed initially. Later, however, David managed to defeat him and use his powers.

Reality manipulation: He has the ability to alter or bend reality, making any thought or desire come to fruition, even up to a cosmic scale.

Molecular manipulation: He can also rearrange the molecular structure of matter.

Space-folding abilities: He can fold space at the quantum level, allowing for instantaneous travel to far distances across space and time.

Protozoan Porter A strange-looking octopus-like personality with physiological resemblances akin to that of a leech. Molecular teleportation: Porter can teleport, the effect of which is the user breaking down into small green parts before vanishing.
Pukatus Jr. A small cherub-like demon who David unsuccessfully tried to capture and use his power to break free from the Yamaugichi-Kai Clan. Acidic liquid production: Pukatus Jr.'s mouth lets out a constant flow of corrosive bright green liquid.
Skinsmith An emaciated and corpse-like individual Dermis production: Skinsmith can produce an artificial skin over surfaces. While the exact properties are unclear, the skin was strong enough to prevent Jonothon Starsmore from unleashing one of his attacks. It could also be pierced with a pen when Beast performed an improved tracheotomy on it.
Susan in Sunshine One of the sub-personalities to escape from David's consciousness after the Age of X. She can only be defeated by being teased.

Empathy: Susan's power in David's mindscape is the ability to sense, augment, and manipulate the emotions of others around her, feeding off and metabolizing it to fuel her abilities.

  • Pathokinesis: Susan is able to manipulate emotions, generating attraction or discord between others.
  • Emotional energy conversion: She was stated to be able to convert ambient emotions into raw energy.
    • Explosion generation: Susan is able to generate powerful bursts of raw energy, but was unable to hurt Frenzy. She can also direct said converted energy into a destructive energy wave of perpetual force which is powerful enough to shatter cement.

Psi-shield: Susan and the five other sub-personalities who escaped from David's mind are protected from psi-scanning. It was stated that this shielding was coming from their specific nature, since they aren't living beings in the conventional sense.

Tyrannix the Abominoid Cthulhu-like creature who pursued David inside the maze of his mind in an attempt to take control of his body while David lost control of his personalities. David overpowered him, however, and took his powers for himself. David now wears him as a backpack and accesses his powers frequently.

Cthulhu physiology

Telepathy: He has the ability to read and communicate directly with the minds of others.

  • Astral projection: He has the ability to project his mind out of his body, either into the normal environment or onto the astral plane.
Wormhole Wodo Wormhole creation: Wodo can open a wormhole between two points in space, allowing near-instantaneous travel between them.
Zero G. Priestly Gyrokinesis: At the very least, Zero seems to be able to lessen the effect of gravity on a given target, causing it to float upward. Whether or not he can also increase the force of gravity is unknown.
unknown Little is known about this persona. Teleportation
unknown Little is known about this persona. Mass mind control
3554 An African-American marathon runner. Super speed
CInk An android Cyberpathy: He has the ability to make mobile telephone calls. When using this power, his hand morphs into a mobile phone and his hair becomes shaped like a satellite dish.
The Cowboy After David lost control of his powers, the Cowboy briefly took control over his body in China until another sub-personality took over. Psionic pistol projection: He can create pistols made of psychic energy with which to shoot people.
The Nazi Doctor A blond, monocled Nazi doctor with a thick German accent.

Scrambling: The Nazi Doctor has the mutant ability to disrupt the function of any biological system within his touch. He penetrates the flesh of his victims with his fingers, mingling molecules in order to override their nervous systems. He must physically touch his target with his bare flesh in order to affect it.

  • Ability negation: He also possesses the ability to negate and disrupt the mutant powers of others.
Oxy Oxygen bubble generation: David used a combination of Oxy and the Origamist's powers to create a barrier on teh surface of the moon in which he and Blindfold could breathe.
Small, purple, good one Small, bald, purple humanoid with black eyes who claims to have been trapped in David's mind like Jemail Karami and Marci Sabol. Although he claims to be a "good one" and to hate killing, he almost murdered Moonstar. Geokinesis
Specs A nervous young man with large glasses who is very practical and has a romantic interest in Magma. X-ray vision: Specs has the ability to see through solid objects.
Spike An African-American who is responsible for murdering Brett and Mel Sabol Body part transformation: He can transform his limbs into spikes.
Stutter A young man with a stutter with emotional and physical deformities Self-propelled flight
Vampire A classical and cliche 19th century vampire who was killed by Magik during her attempt to rescue Karma. Vampirism
The White Witchdoctor A white man dressed as a witchdcotor who killed Marci Sabol. He was, in turn, killed by Karma. Although not confirmed, his power is possibly psyche absorption, by which he absorbs the astral forms of anyone who dies around him. This power would be how individuals such as Marci Sabol and Jemail Karami became trapped in David's mind.
The Wolfman An older man wearing a dhoti and handcuffs



unknown Little is known about this persona. Astral harpoon projection
Delusionaut He is a man with a chimney on his head that spews rainbow-colored smoke. David used this persona's power to stop Luca Aldine. Illusions: Delusionaut can create illusions with such astounding skill that experienced telepaths, such as Emma Frost, cannot realize the deception.
Metallax the Untamer Omnimorph duplication: Metallax possesses the ability to bodily duplicate at will the physical properties of anything he touches or that touches him. This power extends to both animate and inanimate objects and certain forms of energy. The matter of Metallax's body physiologically changes so that his body actually becomes composed of the matter or energy with which he is making contact.
Zubar Levitation: Zubar was shown to levitate while being dragged to the chair.
Arm Body part transformation: He is able to morph his arm into a hardene, razor-tipped spear.


Dissociative identity disorder: David suffers from dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder. This was triggered after the death of his step-father. His powers allowed him to hear and feel the thoughts of all the people killed around him, which lead to the creation of three personalities, each with a distinct psychic power. This later expanded to an unnamed number of personalities, possibly thousands, all with a unique power.