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Electrokinesis is the ability to create and control electricity.


  • Arc generates heightened amounts of bio-electricity, which he can project from his body
  • Bartholomew Allen II releases electrical energy while running at enhanced speeds; he can also charge his body with electricity
  • A biker woman can apparently manipulate electricity
  • Carmella Unuscione can emit bio-electric energy charges from her psionic exoskeleton
  • Christopher Bradley can absorb and release static electricity
  • Crystalia Amaquelin is able to manipulate the flow of currents and summon lightning bolts
  • David Haller, through his personality of 749, can discharge electricity and is electrically charged as his personality of Delphic
  • Demeter can release small electric discharges
  • Donald Gill has a very minor ability to control electricity
  • Donyell Taylor is able to shock others through touch or through conductive materials
  • Edward can project balls of electricity
  • Erina
  • Eve
  • Fabian Marechal-Julbin can project electricity from his hands
  • Kaboom
  • Linqon can project balls of red electricity
  • Max Eisenhardt can absorb and project electricity
  • Maxwell Dillon's body generates and stores electricity, which he can expel from his body
  • Noriko Ashida can project blasts of lightning from the energy stores within her body
    • Hope Summers has mimicked this ability temporarily from Surge
  • Ororo Munroe is able to generate lightning blasts
  • Pn'zo
  • Randall Darby
  • Sarah Ryall can scramble bio-electric rhythms to shock others, dissipate astral forms, and induce short-term amnesia
  • Sasha
  • Tamara Kurtz generates and stores bio-electricity which she can release as electrical discharges or pyrotechnic flares
  • Virgil Hawkins can generate and discharge electricity from his body