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Ellie Phimister (Negasonic Teenage Warhead) is a mutant.

Powers and Abilities[]


Telepathy: Ellie was in Emma Frost's telepathy class, suggesting she possess at least limited telepathy.

Precognition:​ Ellie experiences precognitive nightmares and premonitions. It would appear that her precognition may be limited to only foreseeing disasters, which may help explain her depressed and angst-ridden personality. She foresaw Genosha being destroyed, Kitty Pryde losing control of her powers and uncontrollably phasing down, and the defeat of Selene's army.

Reality warping: Ellie has the power to warp reality. She can create clothing and shelter from nothing. A future version of herself rendered the remaining Terrigen Cloud harmless to mutants.

Time travel: Ellie appears to be able to travel through time. Her full capabilities are unknown. What is known is that her future counterpart was able to travel five years into the past to warn her about the negative consequences that would result from affecting the remaining Terrigen Cloud.

Matter manipulation: Ellie has vast control over both matter and/or energy, quite possibly on the subatomic reaching to particle levels. She has been able to reform Inferno's fire into flaming monkeys, disassemble Domino and Gorilla-Man's guns into their component parts, transmuting Jack Chain's Darkforce links into butterflies, and even creating material energy duplicates of herself.

Energy manipulation and absorption: Ellie is able to absorb, generate, and manipulate vast amounts of energy for various effects.

Telekinesis: Ellie has demonstrated the ability to levitate objects and people.

Superhuman strength: Ellie has recently shown to be strong enough to flail around Scorpia by her mechanical tail single-handedly.

Superhuman speed: She is fast enough to dart in and out of visionary fields with ease.

Superhuman durability: She was slammed through a wall, only to appear having suffered little injury.

Superhuman reflexes: She was quick enough to dodge Stingray when she foresaw him coming.