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Jaycen (Flint) is an Nuhuman.


  • Martin (foster father, deceased)
  • Dijyen (father, deceased)
  • Irellis (mother)
  • Ikelli (sister)

Powers and Abilities[]


Geokinesis: Jaycen's power allows him to manipulate the earth around him. Anytime he uses his powers, green lightning appears around his arms and connects to the earth he controls. He has the potential to even control mountains.

  • Rock armor: Jaycen can use his geokinetic ability to call rocks around him to form a shell and create armor.
  • Flight: Jaycen can use the earth under his own power to fly himself and others to different locations by standing on large stones.
  • Geokinetic constructs: He can manipulate dirt and soil into specific shapes.