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Mary Walker (Typhoid Mary) is a mutant.

Powers and Abilities[]


Mary is a mutant and possesses a number of powers. The effectiveness of her powers depends on which personality is in control of her body. "Mary" and "Walker" typically have no access to her powers, while "Typhoid Mary" and "Bloody Mary" have access to all of her abilities to varying degrees. Although "Mary" cannot access her powers, "Typhoid Mary" has occasionally expressed her powers through "Mary" while "Mary" was in control without her actually realizing it.

Telepathy: She can implant mental suggestions in the minds of others, induce sleep in weak-minded individuals and animals, and create "sensory ghosts" as a distraction, causing people to look away because they think they saw a flash or heard a noise. "Typhoid Mary" can compel people to take simple actions without thinking about it, like reaching for a blade or kissing her, letting her predict their next more or guide them into traps. She has the power to psionically seduce men, using a combination of behavioral psychology and telepathic probes to make them become obsessed with her.

Telekinesis: She can levitate small objects over short distances, such as making a knife spin in place or retrieving her weapons if they are dropped. Her "Bloody Mary" personality often gathers and assembles small metal objects into improvised battle armor.

Pyrokinesis: She has the power to ignite, manipulate, and extinguish fire.


Mary seems to be very skilled in martial arts and the use of edged weapons.


Dissociative identity disorder: Mary has dissociative identity disorder, causing her to have three distinct personalities: "Mary" is a timid, quiet, pacifist; "Typhoid Mary" is adventurous, lustful, and violent; "Bloody Mary" is sadistic, brutal, and a misandrist. Occasionally, a fourth personality manifested, "Walker", who acted as a moderating influence on the other three personalities.