Medusa is a Gorgon.


  • Phorcys (father)
  • Keto (mother)
  • Euryale (sister)
  • Stheno (sister)
  • Pegasus (son)
  • Chrys (son)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Medusa possesses prehensile hair, and she can not only control the growth and movement of it, but can maneuver each strand individually. Uncontrolled, her tougher-than-steel hair is naturally more than six feet long. She maintains this control even when the hair has been cut from her head.

Snake hair: She has snakes in the place of hair which can be used as an offensive weapon. Medusa can control the length and each snake individually.

Talons: Her hands turn into sharp claws that can tear through flesh.

Charm speak: Medusa has an extremely persuasive voice, almost convincing Annabeth Chase to open her eyes and look at her. She can slightly charm speak.

Healing/Killing blood: Blood from Medusa's right side can cure anything, but blood from her left side can kill anything.

Her Stare: When Medusa looks someone in the eyes, she can turn them to stone.

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