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Meredith Gordon is an evolved human.


  • Flint Gordon, Sr. (father, deceased)
  • Flint Gordon, Jr. (brother, deceased)
  • Claire Bennet (daughter, deceased)
  • Nathan Bennet (grandson)
  • Malina Bennet (granddaughter)

Powers and Abilities[]


Pyrokinesis: Meredith has the power to create fire. In addition to creating fire, she seems to be resistant to some of the consequences of its use; her flames heated the walls of a shipping container enough to burn Claire's hands, and they consumed enough oxygen to nearly suffocate Claire, but Meredith showed no discomfort from the heat or lack of oxygen. Meredith has also been seen using her powers offensively, as she threw fireballs and conjured large flames to launch in directed, continuous streams.

Meredith has also demonstrated enough power to ignite her entire body on fire without harming herself and release her flames in an omni-directional explosive blast.

After being injected with adrenaline, Meredith's power became increasingly difficult to control; she involuntarily released bursts of flame with increasing frequency and eventually exploded in a fireball that set fire to the Primatech Research building, killing her.