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Paige Elisabeth Guthrie (Husk) is a mutant.


  • Thomas Guthrie (father, deceased)
  • Lucinda Guthrie (mother)
  • Samuel Guthrie (brother)
  • Joshua Guthrie (brother, deceased)
  • Melody Guthrie (sister)
  • Jebediah Guthrie (brother)
  • Elizabeth Guthrie (sister)
  • Joelle Guthrie (sister)
  • Lewis Guthrie (brother)
  • Cissie Guthrie (sister)
  • unnamed sister
  • Raymond Jr. (foster brother)
  • Josiah Guthrie (nephew)
  • Lucas Guthrie (paternal uncle)

Powers and Abilities[]


Transitional Omnimorph: Paige has the mutant ability to shed her outer layer of skin and reveal a new state or shape underneath. Her power can cause random changes if she activates it without thinking but, by concentrating on specific chemical or elemental formuals, she can control the nature of her transformation. She can become any solid that she has studied, including metal, diamond, granite, wood, rubber, and glass. She also gains additional abilities depending on whatever substance she morphs into.

When Paige sheds the outer layer of her skin, she can husk away sweat, grime, or minor injuries; deeper injuries will stay with her. She can hold a form for about an hour before she needs to revert back to her original form. She can morph repeatedly and is not required to stay in any one form but too many transformations can become painful. In great stress or trauma, Paige can shed without control, revealing patchwork forms. When Paige husks, she often sheds her clothing as well, leaving her nude when she returns to her normal form.


Paige is adept at the programming and operation of computers.


Mental instability: For a few months, Paige proved to be psychologically unstable with gradual physical evidences due to her mutation. First, she began molting and, later, combining multiple skin forms simultaneously. These patchwork forms and her personality swings seem related, as she was able to change her personality by shedding her skin. It was later stated that her blackouts and personality swings are due to a secondary mutation.