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Pakunoda is a Nen user.

Powers and Abilities[]


Telepathy: Pakunoda is able to read the conscious thoughts of any person she is in physical contact with and can extract memories by asking specific questions. Attempting to create false information is impossible, since Pakunoda can extract her target's purest memories. The information she collects is highly useful in exposing weaknesses and secrets, especially in finding out the opponent's Nen ability or in situations requiring some form of extortion or blackmail.

  • PsychometryPakunoda's ability can also be used to see the recent past of an object while touching it.

Memory bomb: Pakunoda also has the ability to share her memories by shooting them into another person's head using a revolver and conjured Nen bullets. This is not a combat ability and does no damage. However, if she shoots someone with a memory of their own, said memory is erased indefinitely.


Due to Pakunoda being born in Meteor City, her existence is not recorded in any database, which makes obtaining infonrmation about her nearly impossible. Pakunoda is mainly employed by the Phantom Troupe in order to gather data through her power, but she is a decently skilled fighter as well.

Enhanced strength: Pakunoda ranked eleventh in arm-wrestling. She is stronger than an average Nen user and can break bones rather easily, as she did with Squala's right arm when he lied to her. She can easily lift two kids off the group and hold them high with no effort.

Enhanced endurance: Pakunoda is very resilient to pain; she demonstrated this when Killua Zoldyck broke her arm and a couple of teeth and didn't seem troubled in the least.

Keen intellect: Albeit inferior to Shalnark and Chrollo Lucilfer in terms of intellect, she is quite smart. However, her intellect was eclipsed by her loyalty to Chrollo, whose capture led her to be upset and thus confused about what decision to make.

Proficient marksman: Pakunoda fights using her gun. She was briefly shown to be shooting two guns at once. It should be noted that she was able to hit six consenting Phantom Troupe members squarely in the forehead with her memory bombs in the brief instant between the first pull of the trigger and the crushing of her heart. The full extent of her skills, however, has never been revealed.

Expert in tailing: Pakunoda is good at following a target without being found out. Gon and Killua were not able to notice her at all and even Machi and Nobunaga, who sensed her presence, were unable to recognize her.

Non-verbal communication expert: She is extremely knowledgeable in non-verbal communication, as she can often tell when one person is lying without the help of her power.