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Sharon Smith (Catseye) is a mutant.

Powers and Abilities[]


Ailuranthropy: Sharon has the ability to transform herself into a lavender-furred feline humanoid. She can transform into either a house cat, a large panther, or a human-panther hybrid. She is still able to speak in her hybrid and animal forms. Her hybrid and panther forms are more powerful than her human form, displaying the following abilities:

  • Superhuman strength: In her hybrid and panther forms, her strength is roughly equal to that of a large tiger.
  • Superhuman senses: Her senses are stronger than the average human's.
  • Superhuman agility: Sharon's natural agility, balance, and coordination are enhanced to levels beyond the human body's natural limits. She can even move quickly in inverted positions.
  • Superhuman reflexes: Her natural reaction time is enhanced to levels beyond the human body's natural limits.
  • Healing factor: She has a limited ability to heal damage.
  • Razor claws: She has razor-sharp claws that can tear through flesh, bone, wood, stone, and some types of metal.
  • Prehensile tail: She can use her tail to grapple, and it aids her in walking up walls.
  • Wall crawling: She is able to crawl up walls, but it's not clear whether this is an actual power or if she just uses her claws.

Sharon retains her tail and slitted pupils in her human form.


Sharon retains her human intelligence while in her feline form. She possesses a photographic memory and is able to tell when she is being lied to. She also has some skill in hand-to-hand combat.