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Talia Josephine "T.J." Wagner (Nocturne) is a mutant.


  • Jakob Eisenhardt (great-grandfather, deceased)
  • Edie Eisenhardt (great-grandmother, deceased)
  • Erich Eisenhardt (great x3 uncle, deceased)
  • Max Eisenhardt (maternal grandfather)
  • Natalya Maximoff (maternal grandmother, deceased)
  • Suzanna (great-grandmother, deceased)
  • Arnold (step-grandfather, deceased)
  • Azazel (paternal grandfather)
  • Raven Darkholme (paternal grandmother)
  • Kurt Wagner (father)
  • Wanda Maximoff (mother)
  • Raze Darkholme (half-brother)
  • Charles Xavier II (half-brother)
  • Thomas Maximoff (half-brother, deceased)
  • William Maximoff (half-brother, deceased)
  • Thomas Shepherd (reincarnated brother)
  • William Kaplan (reincarnated brother)
  • Graydon Creed (paternal uncle, deceased)
  • Gloria Brickman (paternal aunt)
  • Rogue (paternal foster aunt)
  • Justine Chase (paternal adoptive aunt)
  • Nils Styger (paternal uncle)
  • Kiwi Black (paternal uncle)
  • Pietro Maximoff (maternal uncle)
  • Lorna Dane (maternal aunt)
  • Zala Dane (alleged maternal aunt, presumably deceased)
  • Anya Lehnsherr (maternal aunt, deceased)
  • Luna Maximoff (maternal first cousin-once-removed)
  • Trevor Chase (paternal adoptive cousin)

Powers and Abilities[]


T.J. has blue fur that is lighter than her father's, long pointed ears, a retractable tail, three digits on each hand and foot, and fangs.

Heightened agility and reflexes: T.J. possesses agility and reflexes greater than that possessed by normal beings.

Night vision: T.J. possesses the superhuman ability to see into the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing her to see in the dark.

Telepathy: She possesses low-level telepathic ability to read minds and project thoughts. She seldom uses this ability.

Micro-suction discs: T.J. can cling to surfaces using the natural micro-suction discs on her hands and feet.

Body possession: T.J. has the ability to possess others for up to twelve hours or one lunar cycle. After she departs, the possessed is usually dazed and sometimes left comatose for up to twenty-four hours.

Brimstone hex bolts: T.J. possesses the superhuman ability to fire energy bolts. This ability allows her to release concussive bolts of explosive energy, called 'hex bolts', which she named after her mother's powers, by accessing the Brimstone Dimension through which her father teleports.


T.J. can only possess one person in a twenty-four hour period.