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Telepathic immunity is the ability to resist telepathic intrusion and mental manipulation.


  • Angela Petrelli has demonstrated the ability to fight off telepathic intruders
  • Elizabeth Braddock is immune to mind reading and illusions
  • Franklin Richards, even as a child, was able to fend off psionic assaults
  • Katherine Pryde is naturally shielded from telepathic intrusion while in her phased state
  • Luna Maximoff is able to resist telepathic intrusion and control
  • Max Eisenhardt
  • Maury Parkman can defend himself against the telepathic abilities of others to the point of incapacitating and causing pain to those that attempt to use their psi-powers on him
  • Nathaniel Essex is resistant to the telepathic powers of others
  • Ororo Munroe is highly resistant to telepathic intrusion due to her immensely powerful willpower
  • Remy LeBeau's ability to charge objects with kinetic energy creates a static in his mind that makes it difficult, but not impossible, for his mind to be read by telepaths; as Death, his mind is completely shielded
  • Slade Wilson is unaffected by telepathic intrusion, possession, and mind control
  • Teon Macik's mind is defended against telepathic intrusion due to his animalistic mind
  • Teth-Adam is highly resistant to telepathic control and intrusion due to his immensely strong will
  • Ulysses Cain's mind is inaccessible to telepaths